Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 Free Download Torrent

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Raider Raise 20 Year Celebration raises the grave

Genre: action, adventure

Developer: Crystal Dynamics

Publisher: Square Enix

Release date: October 12, 2016

About this game:

After his father’s death, Uncle Larris questions Croftu’s ownership. Lara must get to know her new form of the story of blood ties to regain her heritage and discover a family secret that will change her life forever. Horde „Laris Nightmare“ by nemartvitsite beatCroft Manor Lara must defend self-captured predkooshmar!Blood Ties contains more than one unique player and modifies the social card challenges that allow you to compete with the results of your friends at Laras Nightmare. The package also includes five classic Lara Croft skins, teams and weapons inspired by Tomb Raider III and new Extreme Survivor difficulty settings for the main campaign. With more than one hour of new history, combat mode. Unique, classic skins, new clothes and weapons, and a new difficulty mode,is the perfect way to celebrate the symbolic 20 years of Lara Croft.

In this DLC:

Abba Yaga: The Witch Temple

Fiery darkness woke up

Resistance mode

Raider Raise 20 Year Celebration raises the grave

Resistance to resistance

Spoof Pack

The basis of hope

A tactical survival package

Apex Predator Pack

Look for wild animals

Siberian Hunter

Old van

Will of the Prophet

So the typing is finished:

– open +, (executable file)

– Choose a place,

– Click Install,

– Wait untilget up,

– Play with a shortcut on your desktop

The Sims 4 Download

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NOTE: This is an independent version, updated to include ALL DLC, MULTI languages.

If you have a problem, Origin now does not work. You can fix it in the following way: Set your game in a short way, for example: C: game (not long way), Run As Administrator startup game (VAT, do not forget to disable AV / Firewall in front of you). Enjoy;)

PS: When you start playing; or; You have to wait a few seconds before the game loads. (It’s not that nothing happens,only slow startgra)


Create a variety of cats and dogs, add them to the Sims homes to change their lives forever and take care of pets as a vet with The Sims 4 Cats Dogs. The powerful new tool „Create a pet“ allows you to customize cats and dogs, each with its own distinct look, different behaviors and first time gear! These wonderful lifelong comrades will transform your life into a new and unique way. Treat animal diseases as a vetand make your own clinic in the beautiful seaside area. Where is so much to discover for your Sims and their animals?


Create cats and dogs. Use the powerful creature of the pet to customize your Sims to create great cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. Choose from different races, give them different personality and directly manipulate their attributes. Customize your coats with unique designs to create real animals, dream animalsor something more ingenious. For the first time, complement your look with expressive costumes and accessories.

Relationship with your pets. Survive the company and the fun that brought you to your beloved Sims friends. Cats and dogs have their own thoughts and shape special relationships with Sims based on their daily interactions. Your Sims take care of their pets, guide them and play with animals, all of which are characteristic and sometimes bizarre.

Becomethe vet and the clinic. Build a veterinary clinic, hire dedicated people to promote your career as the most capable veterinarian in the city. You control the day-to-day operation of the offered services within the required range. Your Sims can diagnose and treat pets using critical operations or treat fleas and other conditions with simple medications.

Discover Bay Brindleton. Meet the shores of Brindleton Bay, a new world where your Sims and their pets can liveand enjoy outdoor activities. Play near the docks, take a walk to the lighthouse or visit the park to hedge and meet other animal-loving residents. Search for dumb animals that will add your Simskann as your own.

FIFA 18 dfeat Download

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FIFA 18 + Update 2

Date of launch: September 29, 2017.

Genre / Tag: Sports, Football, Third Person, 3D

Developer: EA Canada

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Platform: PC

Machine: Frostbite

Language: English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), German, French, Italian, Czech, Danish,Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic

Audio Languages: English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazilian, Arabic.History mode is not supported for all languages

Crack: Built-in (STEAMPUNKS)

Minimum requirements:

Operating system: Windows 7 – 64-bit

Processor: Intel i3 6300T / Intel i3 4340 / Intel i3 4350


Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / Radeon RX 460

DirectX: 11

Hard disk space: up to 46 GB

ATTENTION! Minimum sizerepacking GB (with Dutch dubbing) or GB (with English scoring), read the repack function section for more information.

Screenshots – click to enlarge If you do not look at the screen – disable your ad unit


With the support of Frostbite FIFA 18 launcheslines between cyberspace and real life, raising players, troops and the atmosphere of the game „Worlds“. Moving with Real Player Player Technology is a new animation system that creates a responsive level and a new player personality to unlock the dramatic momentum inthe deepest atmosphere of the world. Then go on a global trip as Alex Hunter along with the stars, including ChristianoRonaldo and other European football stars.

Original function

Based on the release of ISO: (33,100,791,808 bytes) There is no language file from the application (GB). Japannot included, since it can not be reproduced with the release of Update 2 (GB) and a new blank, which STEAMPUNKS is attached; I inserted STP cracks for additional languages ​​that support 100% MD5 Perfect Lossless: all files are identical to the original documents after installation (excluding experiments,deleted exe). Packing data commandskinitermasuk. In the game, go to the section „Configure the load profile“, then save the profile. If you want to start a career with an updated squad, make sure that you have selected a removable detachable custom squad, NOT SELECTED SELECTED SELECTED functions:You can skip uploading and posting comments that you do not need. The file size is much smaller (compressed). from accumulated to ~ GB, depending on the selected component). Installation requires: ~ 8-hour processor; ~ clock on a 4-core processor; ~ clock on dual-core processorAfter installing the integrity check, you can ensure that everything is correctly installed. Hard disk space after installation: up to 46 GB. You can change the language of the game’s GUI every time you start; The language of comments can be changed later in the game based on the establishedyou langpacks. For Russian, Spanish (Latin American), Danish, Polish, Portuguese-Brazilian and Arabic languages ​​to use the corresponding DLL from the _LanguageEnabler folder in the settings of the root and sound video games can be changed by using the Config icon on the desktop.Free 2 GB of free memory (on), Required to reinstall this package, using the ZTool library from Razor12911 Repack by FitGirl.

How to avoid an accident in Chapter 5

This is the official game bug, fixed by EA in the latest fixes, but there is a solution. If you still havethere are problems in Chapter 5 and playing games NO Inside the English language, repeat and select English at the beginning, then change the order of the comments / stories in English, as well as in the game settings. After crossing the time of the collision, you can restore the language change

IfYou see a black screen when you start or the game stops after a few seconds

Start Windows Update and install the missing updates.

Selective Boot

You can skip downloading comment packs that you do not need. Here senararifizbran. Pleasenote that the Travel Tracking mode is not available for all languages, and it is recommended that you set the English sound along with any language you want

For example, if you want to start a game with German / Voice Subtitle / Voice Voice, skip all selected files, but download allbasic files (01-06).

Problems with the installation?

Read the Troubleshooting Guide


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said Denu licensed generator with a complete executive game.

Your license will be renewed if necessary.

Enjoy the power we give you.

To add some technical details to our keigen:

– Do not install

– You do not need to install EAC

– You can play Offline

-Your license will be reproduced on hardware or anywhere

software changes

————————————————– ————–

Create oneteam up to 3 friends in the spirit of Tom Clancy

Wildland enjoys the ultimate military experience

openly large, dangerous and responsible.

This game includes the latest updates

This game includes all locked DLCs:

Ghost Clan Recon Vildlands – Spiritual Fallen

Tom Clancy is the Spirit of the Vildlands River – Narco Road

He plays multiple languages

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Mexican

Portuguese, Russian


, burning or blowingbreath


You will be able to copy files automatically with a bit

the game from launching the most powerful Keigenerator from

shortcut to the desktop we created or you can start manually

functional game

That is, Enjoy the game

If you do not choose the option to copy the crack automatically

just copy STEAMPUNKS content to ISO on your installation


We add some scripts to block links with them

server if youwant to keep your Internet and avoid it

Enjoy the game. Offline mode can not try connecting with Ubisoft

The waitress was very boring. Thank you, Ubisoft did not think about it

and for your server screen that did not respond.

Or you work as an administrator from the STEAMPUNKS folder

or prevent game execution in your firewall.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 download

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Mechanical Mechanical Simulator 2018 (c) PlaiVai

07/2017: PROTECTION: Husband and wife

1: DISC (S) ..: racing, simulation

Build and expand your Empire Repair Service in incredibly detailed i

A very realistic simulation game, giving attention to car details

Amazing. Find classic Unique cars in the new Barn Find module and

Removal Module. You can also create your Car in Car Editor

1. Unrar

2. Take or mount oneImage

3. Install the game

4. Copy the doorThe broken contents of the folder / crack on the image

Game installation guide

5. Play the game

6. Support the software developer. If you want to buy this game, buy it!

Grand Theft Auto V PC game torrent

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Game: Windows: Full Game: English

About the game:

Grand Theft Auto V – is an adventure game played by a first or third person.

Play Mission Action for objectivism font size in history.

Card outside players can move freely around the world.

It consists of the opening of San Andreas and the fictional city of Los Santos, the world is very large in area than the previous term.

You can fully understand the game PosleNachalo Without restrictions, although the course of history,It opened a lot of game content.

Players use melee attacks, firearms and explosives to fight enemies, and can run, jump, swim or use vehicles to navigate the world.

Coinciding with the size of the map, selected types of vehicles that are not ancestors of Grand Theft Auto IV, as true

System requirements for PC

Final low:

OS: 64-bit Windows, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (SP1), Windows Vista 64-bit ServicePack 2(* NVIDIARekomenduets use GPU to run or Vista)

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ CPU (4 CPU) / AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPU) @

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 11)

Storage: 68 GB of free space

Sound card: 100% compatible with DirectX 10


Version of the game is cracked – Just install and play.

This includes the latest updates for the 877 Assembly.

For more information, updates and supportFuture

# Msg76998


Then zagruzkigotovo:

– Open (document management)


– Install button,

– Wait until it’s done

– Play a shortcut on the desktop.

If you like this, rain bring it to others.


Battlefield 3 RELOADED Stofers Torrent

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Battlefield 3 Rome

Battlefield 3 (c) Electronic Arts Inc.

10/2011 ….. .. ……. POST EA / crap

2: ………. Disc (s) .. ……..: Shooter

Battlefield 3 Frostbite 2 power ahead of time;

The next stage in the game avant-garde hazard. The state-of-the-art

Battlefield 3 technology is the foundation on which it is built, delivering

hobetuentzunezko quality, a huge mass of massive destruction;

And like so unbelievable DynamicAudio real estate. indicibuset whiz

by wallswill crumble, and explosions throw to the place of battle,

you feel more alive and interactive than ever before. Battlefield 3;

Players in the game there will be parts of the US Marine Corps Elite

The use desberdinetankokapenak mission-pounding missions, including Paris;

Tehran and New York.

Frostbite 2 Battlefield 3 Frostbite 2, the incredible

Lorem nibh destruction consumer takes pounds and atAudio

now across the country. Built powerful game engine, Battlefield 3 sports

corporaliteret players around the world are always in a state of passion


sorrythe impact of bullets and explosions saieth

eroritakoAurkaria a weapon there is hardly any part of the mountain of salvation,

Ground. cutting Battlefield 3, they could be in the edge of the sword, the visuals

War is hell gameplay will feel real attack

Even with other visceral warrior’s experience.

It is not the best use of the vehicle kapantayWarfare vehicular online war

Getting better adapted to the boom and the war BariumMaecenas gisatitular

vehicles land, sea and air impressive organization. Other returning fan

Features include favorite player and the PC64 prone.

Fight iconic urban surprised USA

Among the Middle East, Europe and claustrophobic streets, metropolitan

The market and clear the vehicle to affect the landscape in your way

the war on the morrow.


OS, Windows Vista or Windows 7

Pentium 2 or AMD X2 Althon

Ram 2GB

Graphics card: Intel driver ATI or NVIDIA DirectX 10 or 11 compatible card, ATI Radeon

3870 or higher, higher or Nvidia GeForce (8) 800 GT.

Graphics memory cards512 MB

Sound card, DirectX compatible sound card

Hard Drive: 15 GB

Install Notes:

2. Sing or ineffective way back image.

3. Install the game. In redistributable __ the Installer


4. A copy of the waste gehiagoedukien dir a crack in DVD2Sa

Dir facilities.

5. To play the game.

ExsecutabileFirewalling as usual and we do not recommend the use of Origin and

This should.

Note: If you have anything released early seedboxes, links, accounts, etc.

Please contact us on our website or ro torent 3xforum

seedStatistics 20-400 MB of approximately 10 Mb / / stream through holes 20

Battlefield 3-RELOADEDTorrent Download

Maxspeed is (uTorrent)

Torrent client – Preferences – Bandwidth – Number of connections – ItakdaAprox. 500 each

Torrent client – Preferences- bitorrent – Protocol Encryption – Forced

Bandwidth allocation – high (limit set download / need care – ft)

Others do Active Download – Start downloading and wait for connections.

Enjoy, and, certainly, and between 1: 1This. Do not forget thatthanks / leave reviews say.

For more information, just a crack, wrinkled, serial, crack, and some crackfix, update:

System Requirements: on deceive you, do not forget, the game of gravida massa eu, a free download:

Pc iso, demos, screenshots, see notasQuidam sites, or opisyalMga web page.

And see what the future updates / state employment / etc

Or any other form PreDatabase, Scene Release DupeCheck site.

gelditusilly AV use false and false reporting avg virus or disable Nod32

Assetto Corsa Ready to Race RELOADED Installer Bangs download free torrent

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Assetto Corsa ready to race

Information: Indie, Corsica, simulation, sports

Sviluppatore: Kunos Simulazioni

Editore: 505Games

According di rilascio: 18 MAG 2017

Language: Sub Ita, Eng

Assetto Corsa without GIOCO di Guida sviluppato Dagli ITALIANI Th, sun Kunos Simulazioni promette realistiche tracks, Accurata simulation, one player modalit multigiocatore.

Name ilSfoggia svariati Veicoli con licenzeufficiali impiega TECNOLOGIA Laserscan on la la realizzazione acts circuiti, indistinguibili well QuelliReali.

taksamaricostruzione with VEICOLI la di Altissimo Livello, Sia QUANTO riguarda in place Livree, Sia in Gli Interni, Curati in lights MiniMo retail. Chapter Manca veramente con le il confronto cars Reali Rend Onore Al LAVORO svolto Give grafici team Tutto di Sviluppo Dal.

AssettoCorsahearing cake l’Obiettivo good price Anello Di-di-di-simulazioni congiunzione while cyclooxygenase esperti Giocatori Sun Racing tradizionali. One can Occhio Pura and simulation merge al Mercato, quindi, pure hardcore netKar Sun Sun rinnegando lanaturaPRO, IL Societ name della before.

Operativo System: Windows Vista SP2 – 7 SP1 – 8 – – 10

Processor: AMD Athlon X2 GHzIntel Core 2 Duo GHz

Memory: RAM 2 vibro

Video Card: DirectX (AMD Radeon HD 6450, Nvidia GeForce GT 460)

DirectX: Version 1.1

Memory: 15 GB of free Spazio disponibile

Sound Card: Integrated

Operativo System: Windows Vista SP2 – 7 SP1 – 8 – – 10

Processor: AMD six-core processors, Intel Quad-Core CPU

Memory: 6 GB of RAM free

Scheda Video: DirectX 11 (AMD Radeon 290x,Nvidia GeForceGTX 970)

DirectX: Version 1.1

Memoria: 30 MB di Spazio disponibile

sound card: integration

comprend online + DLC usciti to tutti!


This release includes DLC ready to race and the main game which is updated

And all the other DLC will be included as well! enjoy 🙂

It includesNew cars are as follows:

Audi R8 LMS in 2016. *

Audi R18 e-tron * Quattro

* Audi TT Cup 2016

* Audi TT RS (VIG)

* Lotus Eleven 3

Maserati MC12 GT1 *

* McLaren570S

* McLaren P1 GTR

* ToyotaCelica ST185 Turbo

* Toyota TS040 Hybrid

1. UnRAR

2. Burn or mount the image

3. Install the game, it is a standalone release

4. Copy the crackedcontent from the system / in the figure Hack

your installation


Orario: Semper Attivo

Banda: 2MB

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Windows XP/7/8 PC torrent download

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (c) Bethesda Softworks

Release Date: 10/2016 Protection: Steam

Discs: 1 Genre: RPG

Winner of over 200 awards for Game of the Year, Special Skyrim

Editing bring epic fantasy to life in stunning detail.

Special Edition includes the critically acclaimed game and additions

All more features such as effects reissue of the art, the volume

God rays, depth of field dynamics, mapping and screen-space

More. Special skyrimEdition also brings the full power mods

PC and XboxOne.

For more information go to:



– Burn or mount .iso

– Run and installation

– Copy the code break directed InstallDir

– Play

General Comments:

– exe Block game on your firewall to prevent the game

Stonehearth v0.21 Spets download

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Address: Stonehearth

Genre: Pop, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access

Developer: Fun Radiation

Publisher: (No)

Date: July 3, 2015,

About this game

Stonehearth is a game of exploration and survival in an atmosphere of epic fantasy. Your task is to help a small group of settlersSurvive hidupdan carve a place for themselves in a hostile country. You will need to create a supply of products, build a shelter, protect your people and find ways to deal with and spread, face problems at every turn. Starting with a procedurally generated terrain with a dynamicMeeting AI, combining StonehearthKastil SIM and the old good battle with countless possibilities for building. Which is designed to be moddable at all levels, from the city to people and creatures living in the world, and that will come with the tools and documentation for you to add your adjustmentsIn the game, and share them with the heart CitiThepermainan Iuri Grove is a city building and management. When you first start, you šetetreba to coordinate tasks such as getting a steady supply of food, build a shelter, and protect your village from young robbers and othersThreats. When you have reached the position in the world, it is up to you to write the fate of these mereka.Anda has the flexibility to choose how you are in this game. Do you want to build great conquerors? Trade in urban life? Spiritual monastery? We really want to feel like it’s yourCity, and give you the tools to make it look like you radeupravo up Yuri SettlersAll imigrandi city they have jobs. Work as a class in role-playing game. Every business has a special role as transport, construction, craft, and battle. How do you work hearthlings at your workplace will beGain experience and level. Some work, when they meet certain conditions, can ditingkatkanuntuk completely new with a new job, assigning someone a new job is also necessary to create a tool for them. Mason can make blocks, sculpture and tools made of stone,But he will need a hammer and a chisel made of a carpenter. Our goal is to have a job that wood is also very luasdan very deep, so there will be many different types of things to do in the game, but also a lot of depth to explore whether you want to focusOn one boss! As your city to become rich and prosperous, run risk attracted the attention of one of the world’s titans, the epikmonster boss who want to protect their territory, or simply plunder their wealth. Each boss will have a unique set of knowledge skills used toPut the garbage in your city. (The Titans return early, but they came.) Player Driven Legacy through the love of fashion ModdingVesaya I want to take it easier to create and share mods. Want to see a new type of sword in the game? You can define your statistical models, and then understand it in the game.You can also share designs with other players so they can enjoy it too much, or make the writer content in the game. In ModderBalkanac you can basically do Nistad we as developers can: enter new items and monsters to write a new adventure forScript that affect AI, you name it. He returned to the original experience of the pen and paper RPG, where the game is the cooperation between the core and the set of rules GameMaster dirancanguntuk history.

System requirements

Minimum requirements: OS: 7/8 (32-bit or 64-bit version) Processor:Intel or AMD, Ghz Memory: 4GB RAMGraphics: GeForce 200 512MB, 512MB Radeon 3450, Radeon HD 3000Storage: 500MB of free spaceAdditionalNapomene: Update OS: Windows 7 SP1

Recommended: OS: 7/8 64-bitProcessor: Intelatau Ghz Dual Core AMD Memory: 8 GB RAMGraphics: GeForce 560 1024MB, or better, ATI Radeon HD 7790 1024MB or betterStorage: 500 MB spaceAdditional Note: OS Update Windows 7 Ultimate SP1